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Horse Training & Consignment

CHOOSE YOUR training plan

Our training and consignment options are listed here. Pick your poison!

Look at our before and after of our horses! We can do this for you too!

ALL training PACKAGES ARE adjustable to meet your needs:

Training Board Rates

Basic Training Board: $1500 (includes 5 training rides or lessons per week, full care boarding amenities. Clients tack their own horse on lesson days. 
One-week training board intensive: $500 for 5 training rides + grain
Two-week training board intensive: $1000 for 10 training rides + grain
Premium Training Board: $1950  (Includes 5 rides/lessons per week, grooming and tacking provided for your lessons, and full care boarding amenities)
 Pasture Boarding with stall: $650 + grain (includes 1 blanket change per day, hay, and 1 supplement pack, owner supplies grain, holds for farrier, etc)
Pasture Board: $400 + hay and grain

Full Care Board: $850 per month (We do EVERYTHING even hold for farrier)
Daily dry stall: $45 per day
Daily board rate: :$55 per day (everything included hay, grain, etc)

Training Rides

Training Rides (per month, otherwise lesson rate applies for a single training ride)
15 rides per month: $750
20 rides per month: $950

*Full training board clients can request a private individual lesson for an additional $50


Consignment options for selling your horse:
A. Board (either basic or full care) + 50/50 split for training/commission
(this option is best for owners on a budget looking for a quick sale)

B. Full training and 10% of sale price for commission 
**Owner is responsible for all paid advertising, show expenses, and veterinary and farrier care

Ashley is excellent at starting young horses under saddle and has started young horses for more than 10 years. She knows how to start horses in a safe and gentle manner while still conveying boundaries and rules so that your horse is respectful of you and your aids. Her background in dressage enables her to start young horses in a manner that makes them suitable for any discipline. 

Melissa Smith

Ashley really enjoys the showing and sale process. If you’re an adult amateur looking to develop a partnership with your horse, progress with your horse in training, and also get out and have some fun doing horse shows, then this program is for you! 

Roy Martin

types of training & Behaviors

  • Dressage Training
  • Colt Starting
  • OTTB Retraining
  • In-hand dressage work
  • Horsemanship Groundwork
  • Trailer loading
  • Bolting
  • Rearing
  • Refusing to Load
  • Bad Canter
  • Refusing to Go Forward
  • Spooky Behavior
What does our training program look like? Please text us and schedule a time to come and watch! (607)7431309. Take a look at the video above to see how we start our young horses and how what horses look like after three months of training. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and blog, because we are working on more videos to show our OTTB retraining, dressage training, and in-hand training. Stay tuned!