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Riding Lessons & Camps



  • She can teach your child a correct balanced position that keeps them SAFE and confident
  • Help you progress with your horse in classical dressage
  • Fix behavioral issues (usually this is an easy fix)
  • Help you GROW WINGS



We teach the best basics in lake norman. If you want your child to learn safely and correctly – our program is the best. Text (607) 743-1309 to sign up now

Do you want to learn dressage? great! we have a dedicated group of dressage & Jumping riders at our barn too!



Haffey Dressage teaches lesson students of all ages and abilities. Our strong foundation in dressage can help riders from any background succeed in their chosen discipline. We want you to have fun, enjoyable lessons that are not only positive and engaging, but also contribute to the rider’s knowledge and understanding of classical dressage riding and horsemanship. It is our goal to create a supportive and collaborative learning community that facilitates the growth and development of all riders. Our lessons are always tailored to your needs and goals as a rider. At Lane Cove we strive to create a quiet, correct, and educated seat in all our students. 

We tailor our lesson program to suite your needs. We currently offer: 

  • Kid friendly lessons (any age is welcome)
  • Dressage seat/equitation lessons on the lunge to help your position 
  • Classical dressage lessons/in-hand lessons (school horses available)
  • Clinics & Events 

Ashley regularly travels to teach and train. Please contact her if you are interested in booking a clinic or having her travel to your facility. Ashley is also available for horsemanship demonstrations, informational presentations, and lectures.  

If you want to succeed with your horse, then our lesson program is for you. If you are a fearful rider looking for confidence, we can help you with that. If you have problems with your horse’s gaits, connection, or attitude, then lessons may be the key to your success. 


“I have learned so much from Ashley and feel like my seat has improved tremendously! She’s excellent at moment to moment fine tuning of your riding and helps you to really find ways of understanding how to do the exercises correctly for your body type. Thank you :)”

“If you want lessons where you not only ride a horse but actually LEARN things, Ashley at Haffey Dressage is the best place the in the area. I end each lesson feeling like I learned something new and have become a slightly better rider. She is great with beginners as well as advanced riders.”

Lessons Rules:

  1. All lesson packages must be paid by the 1st of each month. No Exceptions. You can pay by cash, check, Paypal, or Zelle. 
  2. All lesson packages are non-refundable if not used by the end of each month/term.
  3. A late fee of $5 per day is applied if payment for a lesson package is not received by the 1st day of the month. Lesson packages cannot be purchased after the 5th day of the month.
  4. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for all lessons. Lessons are forfeited if 24 hours notice is not provided. If weather scares you, plan ahead because we are not water soluble.
  5. Please be on time for your lessons and ready to ride at your appointed lesson time.
    LESSONS using OUR lesson horses
    TEXT for a lesson: (607) 743-1309
    Lessons are $85
    Package: 4 lessons for $289 (must use within 60 days)
    Package: 10- lessons for $600 (must use within 90 days)
    ​Package: 20 lessons for $1100 

    Lessons for students with their own horse:
    Lessons are $79
    Adult lessons within 10 miles of the farm: $89 per lesson
    Adult lessons within 25 miles of the farm: $100 per lesson 
    *Adult private lessons are $79 and package rates may be combined with group if necessary due to scheduling. 
  • Lessons for kids with their own horse or pony
    Kid Packages (must be used within 120 days of purchasing)
    (Rates for Kids 12 and under, Not teens and adults!)
    $69 per lesson if not in a package plan (this is for kids, NOT adults!)
    Kids 12 and under: 4 lessons for $219
    Serious Students: $989 for 2 lessons per week for 10 weeks
    Long term kid package: $559 for 1 lesson per week for 10 weeks
    Parents will be charged for a minimum of TWO lessons if they insist on their child not riding in a group and special scheduling accommodations must be made, or the cost is $79 cash. 
    Lessons may be private or group depending on horse availability and scheduling. Any student that is serious about showing MUST ride in regular group lessons so they learn to control their horse around other horses for warm up and showing. 
  • **** Lessons & camps are non-refundable and require 24 hours notice for cancellation or the lesson/camp is forfeited. *****
    Camps run Monday through Thursday from 9a to 1pm each day. Kids bring a lunch and must wear long pants and boots with a heel. There are no refunds.

Coaching Fees for Horse Shows and Events
Day fee: $110 per day including day of travel for 1 student
$89 per day for two students 
$69 per day for 3 or more students 
Trailer Fee: 1 horse = $2.00 per mile
2 horses = $2.50 per mile 
Trailer fee split among number of riders with horses on trailer. 
Hotel & food split by by number of students 
Showing for a client: Day fee + hotel + meals + transportation

**Fees above are assuming that YOU do the care and tacking for your horse. If it is a child or teen, they are responsible for the feeding, care, preparation, cleanliness, and presentation of the horse. Typically you also purchase braiding, night watch, and ulcerguard for the horse. 

Students are responsible for packing the trailer the NIGHT before, bathing the horse the day of, loading the horse, unloading the horse and setting up stalls, feeding the horse hay, water, cleaning the stall regularly, and taking the horse for walks AM and PM. (This is why we are teaching them about horses right? So they learn the responsibility and horsemanship). 
***There is a $50 fee PER OCCAISON if a student cannot commit to feed, walk am & pm, clean, undo braids, or help load or unload the trailer. 
***END OF horse show fee: There is a $100 fee if a student does not show up to help unload the horse and unpack the trailer at the end of the horse show. 

IF a student does not wish to provide the care for the horse at a horse show we are happy to accommodate your needs with the following services: 
Partial Grooming: Feeding and care of the horse, does not include bathing or tacking up: $250 per day
Full Grooming: This includes everything! Feeding and care of the horse + bathing, show prep, tacking, and untacking, and cleaning tack between rides: $500 per day 
Note: These fees are in addition to the day fee.

Horse Purchasing
Video reviews – $20 per video paid in advance via paypal or zelle
Sale appointments – $79 per hour plus expenses (gas/food/hotel/etc)
Consulting: $60 per hour to travel and look at horses, make phone calls, negotiate prices, etc. 

Ashley charges $1000 per day for clinics and will teach up to 10 riders. You are responsible for hotel and travel expenses. 

Additional Grooming Services:
Mane Pulling: $60 per occasion 
Show prep: mane pulling + clipping: $80 per occasion
Full Body clip: $150
Bathing: $60 per bath 
Tack Cleaning bridle only: $35
Tack Cleaning bridle/saddle/girth: $60
Holding for farrier for boarded horses not in training: $25 per occasion

summer horse camps

We are offering summer horse camps the following weeks. Camp is $265 per week and must be pre-paid. Camp runs Monday through Thursday from 9a to 1p. Kids must wear long pants and boots with a heel and bring a lunch. Camp is drop off only, as kids learn best that way. Kids get to ride each day, help with morning chores, assist with tack and untacking horses, farm chores, and work around the barn. They also get to play games, do arts and crafts, and have a LOT of fun. Text 6077431309 to sign up.

schedule your lesson

All of our lessons are designed to help you learn the fundamentals of horseback riding and dressage. Text 6077431309 for a response

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